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Coil*Tech Samurai Airconditioner Cleaner, cleaning spray, aircon cleaner


  • AC Cleaner
  • Aircondition Cleaner
  • Helps prevent Allergies

Coil*Tech Samurai Split Air Conditioner Drain Pan Cleaner Blue/AC Coil Cleaner Tablet/Cleaner


  • A Green Safe Product. Diameter: 43 mm, Height: 19 mm, Weight: 28 grams, Appearance: Round, rubbery block
  • Air Con Block is designed to release effective levels of a broad spectrum biocide, continuously, to condensate drain pans of commercial cooling system
  • As a result, condensate drain pans and lines of the systems are clean and free-flowing. Bacteria, mold spores, and their associated odors do not propagate and are not brought into the air stream. Air Con Block also prevents overflows of condensate water from the drain pan.
  • User friendlyPrevents blockage, bacteria and mold growth. Prevents corrosion, 100% water soluble, no product casing to discard.
  • How to Use CDC: To use CDC, simple remove CDC from the packaging and place it onto the drain pan. Position the CDC on the opposite end from the drain hole.Each CDC capsule can treat a 1.5 ton system for up to 6 months (Depending on Climatic Conditions ).For larger HVAC systems, the number of CDC capsules can be increased accordingly.
  • Continuous drain pan cleaning and disinfecting for up to 6 months.